This is a little video that shows the craftsmanship  direction that we wanted to take the brand.
The founder did not want the logo to be very different from the original, so we tried to clean it up and make it more modern.
This is one other option for the logo, but the founder decided to stick with the current one.
A few other options.
"The humble brag" concept meant to show off the products but in a humble way, since a lot of world class divers use these products.
Testing the logos on some fins.
Option 1: Rectangle box with a hand written note inside.
Option 2: Cylinder box with clamps that make you feel like putting a fish out of the box.
Display mock-up for trade shows.
Company space for trade shows.
Bag 1: We had to design a bah that is waterproof, but allows water to exit the bag (when transporting wet swimming fins)
We chose to use EVA Foam for the base since its more rigid and keeps the shape of the bag during transport. 
There are 3 main compartments, the middle one is used for the fins, and the 2 others can be used for clothing or accessories. water from the middle compartment where the fins are cannot penetrate within the other two, however water can leave the bag through little holes at the bottom.
There are also two metal frames at the extremities which keep the bag from collapsing and damaging the fins during transport.
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